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Bath Tints

Fizzy Wizzies are manufactured in the United States, deep in the heart of Texas.  They are very safe and non-toxic.  Click here to see a full list of ingredients that are used to make Fizzy Wizzies. 

Drop 3 to 5 Fizzy Wizzies tablets into bath water.  Create new colors by mixing any two colored tablets. 

Use only as directed.  Fizzy Wizzies will not leave any residue in a clean bath tub.  Wet hands may activate the tablets.  Wash with soap and hot water.  Keep out of the reach of children except under parental supervision. 

Fizzy Wizzies is not a food product.

We have a large sample pack that includes over 150 tablets available for $3.99 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.  These sample orders ship within 24 hours.  Click on the buy button below to order this larger sample pack.

Fizzy Wizzies does not sell or share our user database with anyone or any company. 

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Per Jar

 1 Jar makes 80 baths or more

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